It's Worth It

Q&A With Pastor Jeff

Q&A With Pastor Jeff

What’s the heart behind It’s Worth It?
It’s Worth It was written for several reasons. One, I really wanted to provide a fresh perspective for anyone who may have lost their hope or belief in the local church. I know there are many people who have looked at the local church and decided, “There’s nothing there.” I want you to take another look! Why? Because Jesus is worth it. His church is worth it. Becoming who God created you to be is worth it.

My heart is also to encourage and inspire those who haven’t given up on the beautiful idea of the Church, the bride of Christ, a genuine community of real people who aren’t perfect but genuinely love God and people. I know that when you find a contagious environment that cultivates biblical truth and unconditional love, there’s nothing like it! It truly is like a treasure buried in a field. Once you find that treasure, you realize it’s worth and you want everyone else to find it too!

How long did it take to write?
The story behind It’s Worth It is the story of Milestone Church. It’s all about the people who have grown with us as our church has grown. The book was written over a several year period and reflects our heart as a church and the DNA that has shaped our culture over the last several years.

What is a spiritual emphasis campaign?
A spiritual emphasis campaign is a church-wide event that includes three key parts:
1) Reading our new book It’s Worth It that releases January 10, 2014.
2) A 6-week message series beginning January 24-25, 2014.
3) A Small Group study.

For six weeks, our entire church will embark on this journey together as we grow together spiritually and relationally.

Who can host a Small Group?
ANYONE! To HOST a Small Group, all you need is to:
– Have a Heart for people
– Open up your home or a place to meet
– Serve a snack
– Turn on a DVD player
If you can do these things, you can HOST a Small Group!
Click here to sign up as a Small Group Host.

How can I get a copy of the book, It’s Worth It?
The book, along with Milestone’s first worship album, are available as a bundle in the atrium. The bundle cost is $20.

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