Week One | Introduction
Sunday, January 25th | A God Of The New
Monday, January 26th | Treasure In A Field
Tuesday, January 27th | The Church Is Worth It
Wednesday, January 28th | Processing Pain
Thursday, January 29th | The Church As God Intended It
Friday, January 30th | A Joshua Generation
Saturday, January 31st | Vision

Week Two | The Bible Is Worth It
Sunday, February 1st | Breath Of God’s Word
Monday, February 2nd | The Joy Of Obedience
Tuesday, February 3rd | The Anchor Of The Word
Wednesday, February 4th | Filling Your Mind
Thursday, February 5th | Heart Treasure
Friday, February 6th | The Transforming Word
Saturday, February 7th | Sustaining Hope

Week Three | The Mission Is Worth It
Sunday, February 8th | The Great Commission
Monday, February 9th | The Redeemer’s Mission
Tuesday, February 10th | Compelled By Christ
Wednesday, February 11th | Christ’s Ambassadors
Thursday, February 12th | Beautiful Feet
Friday, February 13th | Lost & Found
Saturday, February 14th | Building With God

Week Four | Spiritual Family Is Worth It
Sunday, February 15th | Sons & Daughters
Monday, February 16th | A Family For The Lonely
Tuesday, February 17th | The Body Of Christ
Wednesday, February 18th | Family Forgiveness
Thursday, February 19th | Called By Name
Friday, February 20th | Bearing Burdens Together
Saturday, February 21st | The Multi-Generational Church

Week Five | Development Is Worth It
Sunday, February 22nd | A Lifestyle Of Worship
Monday, February 23rd | Bearing Fruit
Tuesday, February 24th | Making Disciples
Wednesday, February 25th | Expect Delays
Thursday, February 26th | The Muscle Of Faith
Friday, February 27th | Growth In Love
Saturday, February 28th | Ponder The Path

Week Six | Generosity Is Worth It
Sunday, March 1st | The Ultimate Act Of Generosity
Monday, March 2nd | Where Do You Put Your Hope?
Tuesday, March 3rd | Tithing And The Floodgates Of Heaven
Wednesday, March 4th | The Harvest
Thursday, March 5th | Giving Where It Hurts
Friday, March 6th | The Joy In Giving
Saturday, March 7th | Seek First His Kingdom

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